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Loan to entrepreneurs

  • Acquisition of raw materials, fuel expenses, lease payments etc.

  • Acquisition of equipment, machinery, commercial transport

  • Acquisition, reconstruction of production premises


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Turnover of the previous year


Monthly payment

Calculation has been made on assumption that the annual rate is

Annual rate starting from


Price of resources of State Treasury (including the service fee) 0.5%


Own participation

* no other collateral is required, if they comply with the guarantee conditions of EaSI and COSME

It is possible to apply for the loan

  • Before the foundation of the enterprise

  • A self-employed person

  • Own partiication in the project: up to 7 000 EUR – 0%, over 7 000 EUR– 10% of the project's amount


  • Private guarantee

  • Value of the pledge at leat 74% of the loan

  • For loans up to 25 000 Eur no other collateral is required, if they comply with the guarantee conditions of EaSI and COSME

Loan is not issued in the cases when there are:

  • tax debts
  • current insolvency procedure
  • payment delays in the Credit Register of the Bank of Latvia
  • non-supportable investment branch

Loans are not issued for such branches:

  • trade with alcohol
  • for production and trade of tobacco goods
  • financial and insurance acitivity
  • operations with real estate (except management of real estate)
  • project is related to creation or expansion of the export network of the enterprise's goods
  • papildu ierobežojumi, balstoties uz atbalsta programmas nosacījumiem

Uzzini vairāk par programmām uzņēmējiem:

To apply for the loan