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About the Venture Capital Programme


On 16 November 2017 a contract was signed for the creation of a new venture capital fund “ZGI-4”, which will be managed by venture capital fund manager “ZGI Capital”. Currently, the fund is engaged in attracting private funding to start working on the first fund investments in summer of 2018.

  • Venture capital is a long-term equity investment in companies with high growth potential, boosting their value growth, growth speed and expansion

  • Venture capital investments can be made as investments in a company’s equity capital or quasi-capital


  • Venture capital provides opportunities for companies with high growth potential and innovative enterprises which do not receive investments from traditional financiers due to high risk

  • The volume of investments can reach EUR 3.75 million in one enterprise

  • The investment period – up to 5 years

  • The investor becomes a business partner, sharing the risks and the income of the company, and who provides the company with his experience, knowledge, access to a range of contacts and experts, with an intention of enhancing the company’s turnover, profitability and value

  • Venture capital investments are made to increase a company’s value by funding its growth and development

  • Venture capital funding will be provided as support for venture funding in accordance with requirements set forth in Article 21 of Commission Regulation (EU) No. 651/2014 of 17 June 2014.

  • The programme is governed by Cabinet Regulation No. 518 of 12 April 2016 "Regulations on Seed Capital and Venture Capital Funds for the Establishment, Development and Competitiveness of Economic Operators".