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Loans for digital transformation

Loans promoting the digital transformation of businesses and parallel loans



The programme is being implemented as part of the European Union’s Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) of #NextGenerationEU. It is an opportunity for enterprises to boost their productivity by investing in digitalisation.


Available support:


Loan EUR 100 000 – 7 000 000


A capital discount of 35 percent of the cost of the investment project is applicable


Maximum capital discount – EUR 1 000 000


The capital discount is applied after the completion of the project, extinguishing a part of the principal sum of the Altum loan in the amount of the capital discount


The loan is available for the implementation of digital transformation projects in Latvia to:

  • General economic sector companies (the loans are not available to companies operating in the agricultural and fisheries sector)
  • Micro, small, medium and large-sized enterprises registered in the Commercial Register 


Supportable digitalisation activities:


Digitalisation of conventional processes


Purchase and implementation of Industry 4.0 solutions – automated equipment, robotic solutions, sensor networks and communication technologies, AI solution technologies and other solutions consistent with the purpose of the investment, using information and communication technologies and envisaging both necessary equipment and the software component


Purchase of systems and equipment with 5G support


Data storage solutions


Upgrading and optimization of existing production and other equipment necessary for the digitalisation of processes and purchase of new equipment


Purchase of new equipment in the field of information and communication technologies related to the use of information and communication products in the production process


Platform economy – development or provision of solutions or system operations functioning on a single platform

Loans are not available for:

  • Projects implemented in industries not supported by the programme
  • Investments in energy production equipment (including for own consumption)
  • Purchase of standard computer hardware
  • Support and adaptation of existing software
  • Purchase of real estate
  • Construction costs exceeding 10 percent of the project’s total costs
  • Payment of VAT

The conditions of the digitalisation programme are regulated by the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No.421 of 05.07.2022.

Capital discount

The Altum loan is fully or partially extinguished after the project’s completion and receipt of the European Digital Innovation Centre’s opinion on the fulfilment of the conditions. The amount of the capital discount in which the Altum loan will be extinguished is determined before the conclusion of the contract, taking into consideration the limits of the amount of the capital loan and permissible support intensities.


Two types of loans are available within the programme:


Altum parallel loan – is provided together with another funder


Altum direct loan – Altum is the only lender

Altum loan repayment term – up to 10 years

The Altum loan is extended for covering eligible costs, i.e., investments in tangible and intangible assets. 


! Important – the Altum direct loan is available if: 

  • the loan is necessary only in the amount of the capital discount
  • or a funding request has been submitted to a credit institution and the credit institution has refused to finance the project