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Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund


The Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund is an economic dimension of the Three Seas Initiative. The Fund invests in infrastructure projects in the Three Seas region in three areas: transport, energy and digital technologies. Apart from strengthening cooperation and improving infrastructure within the region, the Fund’s goal is to provide profit to its investors. Professional and independent entities are responsible for the Fund’s investment process.


Institutions representing the Three Seas countries, international financial institutions and private investors from all over the world may be the investors in the Fund. It is estimated that the Fund will ultimately have at its disposal from 3 to 5 billion euro, investing in the projects of total worth up to 100 billion euro. The Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund funds are complementary to the public money and European Union funds.


More information: Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund


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The Fund

The Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund is an investment vehicle to finance key infrastructure projects in the Three Seas region.


The main objective of the Three Seas Fund is to invest in transport, energy and digital infrastructure on the north-south axis in the Three Seas countries and to offset the differences in the development of individual regions of the European Union.


Its role is to complement and strengthen the capital deployment of individual Three Seas countries and European Union financial instruments. The fund is a commercial and market driven initiative that will grant a diversified investment and an attractive return to the investors.


As an international venture, the Three Seas Fund was created under Luxembourg law, which is a renowned fund domicile for international investors.


A region that faces the difficult task of closing the huge infrastructure gap vis-a-vis Western European countries. Effective implementation of this task is a great challenge for governments and public finances of the countries of our region.


Investment in essential infrastructure that accelerates economic development, improves connectivity and cooperation throughout the region.

Energy, Efficiency and Security
Digital and Information Technology

Amber Infrastructure Group


Amber Infrastructure Group (Amber) has been appointed the exclusive Investment Adviser to the Three Seas Fund.


Amber is a specialist international investment manager, focused on investment origination, asset management and fund management.  Amber has experience and expertise spanning a broad range of infrastructure sectors and geographies. With over £8 billion of assets managed, Amber invests across six funds and a number of managed accounts.


Amber’s core business focuses on sourcing, developing, advising, investing in and managing infrastructure assets across the public, transport, energy, digital and demographic infrastructure sectors that support the lives of people, homes and businesses internationally. Amber adopts a full-service, sustainable approach to investments and is able to manage the entire investment lifecycle in-house.


Headquartered in London, Amber has an international presence with approximately 135 infrastructure investment professionals across Europe, North America and Australia.  While Amber draws upon its broader platform to deliver the objectives of Three Seas Funds, it also has dedicated team members located across offices in the CEE region including Vienna, Warsaw and Prague.


More information is available on Amber’s website: