Altum-News-A new fund helps Baltic companies expand their activities to Eastern and Central Europe

A new fund helps Baltic companies expand their activities to Eastern and Central Europe


27. Apr, 2021

A new fund investing in transport, energy and digital infrastructure will be introduced to Baltic companies on Thursday. The Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund supports entrepreneurs in expanding export and their business in Eastern and Central European countries.


The funds first investment was to Poland, where it acquired the transportation company Cargounit and the next investment to Estonia.


The free virtual seminar will introduce the main operating and decision-making principles of the Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund and use the Estonian case study to discuss how to successfully apply for funding. The seminar will also look into the developments of Latvian and Lithuanian transport and energy sectors. The seminar will end with a panel discussion regarding infrastructure investments, moderated by President Kersti Kaljulaid of Estonia and featuring Pierre Heilbronn, Vice President for Policy and Partnerships, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development; André Küüsvek, President and CEO of Nordic Investment Bank; Sandrine Croset, Director at Operations Directorate, European Investment Bank; Beata Daszyńska-Muzyczka, Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board of the Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund and President of the Management Board of BGK.


The first investment to the Baltic States contributes to the development of the biggest, securest and most modern Baltic data center close to Tallinn. The data center is developed by the Estonian company Greenergy Data Centers, which intends to establish a network of energy efficient and green data centres across Eastern and Central Europe.


According to the founder and CEO of Greenergy Data Centers Üllar Jaaksoo it is important for an entrepreneur to choose for the implementation of their vision an investor with the right size, same market and with similar goals and values. “The strengths of the Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund and its investments advisor Amber Infrastructure are thorough knowledge of transport, energy and digital sectors and proficient understanding of Central and Eastern European business areas. Besides financial resources the fund also gives good feedback to the business plan and know-how for the implementation,” Jaaksoo described the effective cooperation.


The Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund has developed from the Three Seas Initiative, the cooperation platform of 12 European countries, which advances the development of energy, transport and digital infrastructure. The fund is one of the more important practical outlets of the initiative, with investments from 9 countries and one private investor. At the moment the fund is estimated to have the value of 1,2 billion euros and it has a potential to grow to 5 billion.


The virtual event “Invest in Three Seas” begins on April 29 at 13.00 and focuses on:


  • How will the Three Seas Initiative change Eastern and Central Europe?
  • What are the operating principles of the Three Seas Initiative Fund, which is supported politically but free in its decisions?
  • How did the Estonian company creating the biggest data centre in the Baltics acquire an investment from the fund?
  • Practical tips for applying for funding
  • What are the more important developments and investment needs in the energy and transport sectors of the Baltics?
  • Is combining public and private sector funds in making cross-border infrastructure investments our future?


You can find the overview of the program and speakers from here: 


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