Altum-Services-Enterprises-Mezzanine loan

About mezzanine loan

A top-up loan that serves as co-financing for a bank loan in the event that the bank’s terms and conditions are too onerous for the entrepreneur

About the loan


Together with the bank loan, provides financing for long-term investments


The loan is subordinated to the bank loan and has lower security coverage than the bank loan


Up to EUR 5 million, not more than 45% of the project cost, not exceeding the bank loan


Up to 15 years for investments in real estate purchase, construction or reconstruction

Up to 10 years for other long-term investments

Who can apply?


Available only in addition to bank funding, the loan can be issued to economic  operators registered in the Republic of Latvia, subject to restrictions regarding the business sector and financial situation



The total annual interest rate is made up of a rate that is equal to interest on the bank loan but not less than 3.5%, and the cost of the Treasury resources

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