The Land Fund of Latvia sells and exchanges agricultural land with a goal to facilitate the preservation and use of agricultural land.

  • The agricultural land owned by the Land Fund of Latvia is offered for sale or exchange to individuals and companies, certifying that the land use will be aimed at the agricultural activity.

  • Information about agricultural land available for sale or exchange is published by the Land Fund of Latvia on its website, as well as the website of JSC “State Real Estate” and websites and newsletters of the local governments of Latvia.

  • The Land Fund of Latvia concludes real estate transactions on the basis of the demand and offer on the market, taking into account:

    • local market prices, 
    • the Fund operation’s objective, 
    • the efficiency of transaction,
    • the principles laid down in the Law On Prevention of Squandering of the Financial Resources and Property of the State and Local Government and other regulations binding to the Fund.

  • The objective of the Land Fund of Latvia is to promote the agricultural land’s protection, availability and preservation, as well as efficient and sustainable use thereof at a national level.

  • ALTUM is the administrator (operator) of the Land Fund of Latvia  in accordance with the order issued by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia.