The programme is implemented under the Recovery and Resilience Facility #NextGenerationEU.


Submission of applications in the project selection 4th round  is closed.

Application for the 5th round from April 2, 2024 at 12:00 to April 30, 2024 at 11:59 (noon).


Available support:


Capital discount for repayment of the principal sum of the loan in the amount of up to 30% of the total cost of the project, excluding VAT. The maximum capital discount available within the framework of this program for a group of related persons in total is 1.5 million EUR.


The capital discount amount to be granted must be determined already when applying for the loan, but the capital discount applies after the project is completed and the objectives of the project are achieved, when the discount is credited against the principal amount of the loan.


Support is provided in three areas:


Improving energy efficiency at companies - a total of EUR 25.75 million available for capital discounts:

  • Carrying out construction works in the enclosing structures of the non-residential buildings, reconstruction of internal and external individual and local heating networks and cooling systems, reconstruction of engineering systems, including the creation of a connection to the centralized heat supply system and the creation of a heating unit, installation of energy-efficient lighting
  • Purchase and installation of new, more energy-efficient production equipment and secondary process equipment supporting production processes, if existing  equipment is replaced
  • Recovery of secondary energy resources from production technological processes

Introduction of renewable energy technology at companies - a total of EUR 45 million available for capital discounts:

  • Purchase and installation of electricity-producing technologies using solar or wind energy
  • Purchase and installation of heat pumps and solid biomass thermal energy production equipment​​
  • Purchase and installation of biogas technology, which ensures the production of biogas from the raw materials specified in MK 02.11.2022 not. No. 686
  • Purchase and installation of other RES technologies

Purchases of electric cars (see HERE for more information about this ​​support programme)

Support recipients:


Micro, small, medium-sized and large enterprises that are not engaged in primary agriculture, fishing, production of tobacco products, transport and storage, wholesale and retail trade, car repair, gambling.


Objectives of the programme:


By taking measures to improve energy efficiency, achieve primary energy savings of at least 30%


By implementing measures focusing on renewable resources, ensure that 80% of energy generated is used for companies’ self-consumption

The programme is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 11,498 tons of CO2 equivalent annually.

Ineligible costs that can be included in the total cost of the project:

  • Value-added tax on eligible costs
  • Costs that exceed the confirmed cost limits


Application in the program step-by-step:

  1. Preparation for participation in the program
  2. Application for the program selection round (during an active call)
  3. (If the application is approved in the selection round) Application for loan / parallel loan
  4. (If the loan is granted) Project implementation
  5. (If project results are achieved) Application of capital discount

Implementation of the programme is regulated by Cabinet Regulation No.594 of 20.09.2022, On Implementation of Measure, Increasing Energy Efficiency in Business (Including Transition to Renewable Energy Technology in Heat Supply), of Investment, Increasing Energy Efficiency in Business (Including Transition to Renewable Energy in Heat Supply and Research and Development Activities (incl. in Bioeconomy), of the European Union Recovery and Resilience Facility Plan 1.2. for Reform and Investment, Improving Energy Efficiency

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