The programme is implemented under the Recovery and Resilience Facility #NextGenerationEU.


Submission of applications in the project selection first round  is closed. Information about the second round will follow. 


Available support:


Capital discount for repayment of the principal loan amount: up to 30% of the project cost and up to EUR 1.5 million.


The capital discount amount to be granted must be determined already when applying for the loan, but the capital discount applies after the project is completed and the objectives of the project are achieved, when the discount is credited against the principal amount of the loan.


Support is provided in three areas:


Improving energy efficiency at companies - a total of EUR 25.75 million available for capital discounts


Introduction of renewable energy technology at companies - a total of EUR 45 million available for capital discounts


Purchases of electric cars (see HERE for more information about this ​​support programme)

Support recipients:


Micro, small, medium-sized and large enterprises that are not engaged in primary agriculture, fishing, production of tobacco products, transport and storage, wholesale and retail trade, car repair, gambling.


Objectives of the programme:


By taking measures to improve energy efficiency, achieve primary energy savings of at least 30%


By implementing measures focusing on renewable resources, ensure that 80% of energy generated is used for companies’ self-consumption

The programme is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 11,498 tons of CO2 equivalent annually.

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