On December 8, 2022, Altum launched new energy efficiency programme for multi-apartment buildings.


The total amount of #NextGenerationEU programme is EUR 57.2 million. It is financed under EU Recovery and Resilience Facility fund will support up to 49% of the total project eligible costs.


Within this programme ALTUM provides combined financial instrument, i.e. a loan or a guarantee (in case of a loan from another financier) is issued, combined with a grant element – a capital rebate. By fulfilling project targets a part of the principal of the Altum loan (or in the case of a guarantee, a part of the loan from another financier) is repaid to borrower.


Main components of the programme:

  • Buildings with three or more apartments are eligible for this support
  • Building has to reach at least 30% primary energy savings after renovation
  • Maximum amount of eligible costs per 1 MWh/year is 5000 EUR
  • Projects can receive either a loan from a commercial bank for eligible costs that is supported with an ALTUM guarantee (up to 80% of eligible costs), or a loan from ALTUM. In both cases projects are eligible for a capital rebate of 49% of eligible costs after the project is completed and energy saving target is verified
  • Projects have to be completed by early 2026


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