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Energy efficiency of apartment buildings 2022-2026

From 2016, residents living in apartment buildings had access to financing in the form of a grant or gift from #ESfondi funds for house renovation and insulation.


A new support programme will become available at the end of 2022. The programme will be funded by the European Union’s Recovery Facility for improvement of energy efficiency of apartment buildings and transition to renewable energy technology. More information about the programme is available at the Legislation Portal.

The #NextGenerationEU programme will offer the following:

  • EUR 57.2 million for insulation and improving energy efficiency in ~170 buildings and for transition to renewable resources
  • The grants will cover up to 49% of the total cost of an energy efficiency project, without value-added tax; residents will be able to cover the rest of the cost with their savings or a bank loan. (The programme must involve a loan at least in the amount of the capital discount, an Altum guarantee is mandatory if bank financing is used)


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