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Loan for renovation of apartment buildings

Loans for renovation of apartment buildings and beautification of the surrounding area.



From EUR 10,000 per building


For up to 20 years


Annual interest rate of 3.9%


Deadline for making a decision on granting a loan – June 30, 2031


Collateral is a commercial pledge on the right of claim against the apartment owners, resulting from transactions the apartment owners and their authorized representative


The aid is provided as de minimis aid in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) No.2023/2831. The programme is subject to Cabinet Regulation No. 481 of 06.07.2021, Conditions of the Support Programme for Construction Works in Apartment Buildings and Beautification of Adjacent Areas.

Documents required to apply

Fill out the loan application at  and attach the necessary documents.


The loan application must be filled out by an authorized representative, who may only be a legal entity (for example, a housing management company, an association, etc.) and has to attach all the necessary information regarding the apartment owners and the construction works being planned.

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