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Venture Capital

ALTUM offers programs for investing in high-growth and innovative companies. Companies wishing to raise finance must apply to ALTUM for a venture capital fund. Funds and their types are listed below.

Acceleration funds

Acceleration program - 15 MEUR, intended for innovative start-up companies for the creation and development of business ideas, company and product, with the aim to promote their growth and competitiveness, especially for technological and industrial projects

BuildIt Latvia

The Buildit Latvia accelerator intensive program is intended for start-ups from any country, if their scope is “Internet of Things” (IoT) and “hardware”.

In one program cycle, we will host up to 10 teams that already have or are developing solutions in the following areas:

  • Internet of Things and related areas
  • Industrial solutions
  • Productivity software
  • Smart lifestyle
  • Energy
  • Mobility
  • Health technologies

Buildit Latvia will offer up to 50,000 EUR in the acceleration process and up to 250,000 EUR in “seed” funding.


Matiss Neimanis
+371 26727244

Commercialization Reactor

The fund offers an Acceleration Program for Scientific Start-ups. The minimum duration of the program is three months. The business idea must be based on science or technology. The team must be represented by at least two people, one of whom is an entrepreneur with a business development role and the other is a technology developer. The technology developer must take on the role of director of research and development and participate in certain accelerator activities.

An invitation to budding entrepreneurs!
If you are an enthusiastic, determined person and want to become an entrepreneur, but you do not have a business idea - you are also welcome! The Commercialization Reactor Fund combines business talent with scientific competencies, creating teams for scientific technology business development. We invite you to apply for our "Ignition Event", where new scientific and technological ideas will be demonstrated and offered for commercialization.

The Commercialization Reactor Fund will invest up to 50,000 EUR in new pre-seed companies and up to 250,000 EUR in the most successful seed companies that have already received a pre-seed investment.


Kaspars Vjaters
Acceleration program coordinator
Associate at Commercialization Reactor
+371 25369365


Overkill Ventures

Overkill works in cooperation with Lattelecom and Accelerace and makes pre-seed investments in the amount of 40,000 EUR and seed investments in the amount of up to 250,000 EUR. Primary investments are made in start-ups in Central and Eastern Europe, which operate in the field of work environment efficiency and automation and have already earned initial income in the market.

The fund will make pre-seed investments in companies while enrolling them in a three-month acceleration program. It will be advised by experienced entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts and will be worked on by the fund's management team to help with business development and investor attraction.

Pēteris Marculāns, Dmitrijs Saikovskis and David Ventzel, who have gained extensive experience in the startup environment, will start in the fund management team. They have experience in setting up and selling their own companies, managing and administering leading acceleration programs and start-up investment funds (Techstars and Accelerace), as well as buying and selling companies.

Eva Linda Poiša
+371 26613114

Seed and start-up venture capital

Seed and start-up venture capital

The Seed and Seed Capital Fund Manager will invest in high-growth and innovative companies.

Expansion capital AIFP

The fund focuses on export-oriented projects and companies that are not dependent on domestic consumption, as well as on companies with high growth potential. Fund's team has extensive experience in the woodworking, metalworking, plant and equipment manufacturing, chemistry, transportation, food, IT services, waste recycling, printing, healthcare and packaging industries.


Kr. Barona 32-7, Rīga, LV-1011
andris@excap.lv; eriks@excap.lvzigmars@excap.lv
+371 67240042

Long-term equity investment

Long-term equity investment in companies with high growth potential, promoting their value growth, faster development and expansion.
Venture capital investments can be in the form of equity or quasi-equity investments


A growth capital fund that fills the gap between seed capital investment and large private equity investment. Investments are made in traditional industries, such as metal processing, food processing, wood processing, logistics, as well as plans to invest in potential market leaders.


Daugavgrīvas st. 21, Rīga, LV-1048
+ 371 67969140

FlyCap Mezzanine Fund II

A growth capital fund that encourages financing for companies in the form of mezzanine loans. Mezzanine loans help to ensure the amount of own investment in the implementation of investment projects when bank financing is insufficient. Used to finance both fixed assets and current assets.

The fund examines projects from a variety of industries, giving priority to technology-intensive companies working in the medical, energy efficiency or business services sectors. The size of the fund is 25 MEUR and the investment is planned to be made from 0.5M - 2.5M in one company.


Matrožu 15A, Rīga, LV-1048
+ 371 9136038

Jānis Liepiņš
tālr.+371 29136038

Ģirts Milgrāvis
tālr.+371 26150221​

Jānis Skutelis
tālr. +371 26322009

Baltic Innovation Fund

Baltic Innovation Fund

Currently, there are two BIF programmes: BIF I and BIF II. Where to find the most suitable financing for your company, ask Altum and EIF representatives. 


For inquiries about investments


Ilona Skribiņa
26 261 295



Andris Baumanis
26 841 774 


Jurate Azelionyte (EIF)
+352 248 581 314